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Swaziland National Association of the Deaf (Eswatini)

Empowerment training for 40 Deaf Women on human rights as a way to strengthen them to improve their welfare in society
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About the Organization

Swaziland National Association of the Deaf was established on 14 February 1989. Their mission is to empower the Deaf to be leaders of their own destinies through employment opportunities, income generation activities and participation on the development of the economy of the country. Vision: Deaf Society in a country where rights, language are respected in a way that free flow of communication are respected in an inclusive way wherein the Deaf are included in education and employment opportunity and health life beyond.

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[Description – A man stands outside with a background of trees and bushes, facing the camera and signing the following paragraph.]

Hello, hello! I am [Name sign = M across the nose, B on side of face. Finger spells name.] Makosini Makhubu. I work for the deaf association, Swaziland National Association of the Deaf (Eswatini). I am responsible for coordinating the Women’s Empowerment Project. SNAD has partnered with MNI. Happy to meet you all! Thank you!

About the Project

This project focuses on empowerment training for 40 Deaf Women on human rights, including the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as a way to strengthen them to improve their welfare in society. This helps strengthen their commitment by changing their mindset to become strong leaders with vision. Sharing about tools such as the Sexual Offenses and Domestic Violence law and the involvement by government departments that promote gender and women helps Deaf women advocate for access to justice. The goal of this partnership is to ensure a successful project that will positively impact the lives of Deaf Women in Eswatini (Swaziland).

Update #1

Deaf Women Empowerment & Leadership Training phase 1

SNAD hosted a CRPD training workshop for 20 deaf women at Lutheran Training Centre in Mbabane Eswatini.

If you would like to learn more about how you can support the Swaziland National Association of the Deaf, please contact them at [email protected]

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