Phone applications for advocacy

This screen shot shows a mobile phone application with a map.

Mobile phone applications can be a tool to promote disability rights, including Deaf rights. Learn how people around the world are using phone applications for advocacy. One example is a phone application in Libya that teaches 300 signs about o the electoral process. This helps Deaf people learn about their right to vote. Some of the other examples may also be helpful for some deaf people.

At the bottom of the page, the link provides a Word or PDF file entitled “Introduction to Mobile Applications”. This file explains how to decide if a mobile application might be helpful in your country. It also explains how to design and develop a mobile application, and how to make the application accessible for people with different disabilities. Even if you only mean to develop a mobile application for Deaf people, it is helpful to make it accessible for people with all disabilities. Some Deaf and hard of hearing people have additional disabilities. 

The website, and both the PDF and the Word version of the file, are accessible for people using screen readers with minimal difficulty.

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