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Understand the Problem: What Causes It?

Your project can help the Deaf community! How? First you need to understand the problem: What causes it? Then you can design a better project to solve it.
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Understand the problem: What causes it?

Your community has a problem to solve. And your organization is ready to start a project to solve it! But the first step in solving a problem is to understand the problem: what causes it? In consequence, this can help your organization design a better project. This guide can help your organization ask “But Why?” to understand the problem.

Meanwhile, the guide explains how asking “But Why?” can help you understand what causes a problem. It also explains how a group of people can work together to analyze the problem. 

Video Accessibility

The web page has two videos. In both videos, a speaker explains more about how to understand problems by asking “But Why?” Both videos use auto-generated English captions, not human-edited captions. The auto-generated captions are hard to read because they use no capitalization or punctuation. We cannot assess if the captions are completely accurate because we cannot hear. But it is possible for some deaf people to understand most of the explanation with the captions. The demonstrations in the video can also help understand.

We cannot assess if the videos have audio descriptions for people who can’t see them. No transcript is available.

Web page accessibility

The web page also has text that explains some of the same information in the videos. It has an example of asking “But why?” to understand a problem and what causes it.

Meanwhile, the web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. For example, some images have descriptions for people who can’t see them. But the page also has accessibility barriers. For example, some images do not have descriptions. Also, poor color contrast can make it hard for some people to read the navigation links.

Other ways to understand the problem and what causes it

Also learn basic information about monitoring and evaluating a project.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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