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Interveners with DeafBlind students: Training and other resources

One U.S. program improved training for interveners with DeafBlind students. A teacher and intervener work together in the classroom.
A teen boy is seated. A woman stands in front of him, signing to him under his hands.

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One U.S. program developed better training for teachers and interveners with DeafBlind students. An intervener can support the teacher by working with a DeafBlind student in the classroom. Together, the teacher and intervener helps a DeafBlind student do well in school. The National Center on Deaf-Blindness in the United States developed a learning curriculum for interveners. They also developed resources about and for interveners. A few of their resources are listed below:

We were unable to assess all resources available at these websites. But the materials we assessed are accessible for people using screen reading software with minimal difficulty. Video content has captions in English.

Also explore more resources about deafblind people.

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