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South African Deaf Education and Deaf Community

A special section of the American Annals of Deafness journal has a series of articles on South African Deaf education and Deaf community.
Cover of an issue of the journal "American Annals of the Deaf"

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A focus on South African deaf education and Deaf community

Academic literature about Deaf communities in developing countries is thin. As a result, it is hard to find more than a few articles across different journals that focus on a single country. But a special issue of the American Annals of Deafness journal focuses primarily on South African Deaf education and Deaf community. It is old, but it is a rare opportunity to read many articles on the topic from different angles. The first few articles are on other topics, but then the special section runs from pages 488 to 518. 

The special section explains the history and context of deaf learners in the country. It also has articles on educators, and on post graduate education and employment. Other articles provide perspectives from Deaf children and their parents. Further articles talk about deaf people in sports, the arts, and religion. The last article talks about deaf people’s mental health.

Accessing the articles

Most of the articles in this special issue are not easily available online for free. But you can read the introduction in either Word or PDF for free. Meanwhile, the JSTOR platform allows people to register to read up to six articles for free. But after this, people need to either buy more articles or ask their library to provide the articles.

These articles appear in Volume 155, Number 4, of the American Annals of Deafness in Fall 2010. The introduction in PDF is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But it does not use bookmarks and is not marked for its natural language. We could not assess the files for the other articles for accessibility.

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Also watch an interview with Ayanda Ntukwana about sign language and deaf education in South Africa. The video produced in 2018.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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