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Software help medical communication for deaf patients–possible?

Can the right software help medical communication for deaf patients? Researchers compared using an interpreter, or their software, or both.
Screenshot shows an xray of a broken ankle. It also shows speech bubbles showing a text conversation between a patient and doctor talking about the xray.

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Sign language interpreters can be important for communication between deaf patients and medical personnel. But using interpreters can cause challenges. Can the right software help medical communication? In response, researchers developed an interactive speech-recognition software. Meanwhile, speakers can correct errors in how the software captions their speech. Afterwards, researchers compared communication using an interpreter, or the software, or both an interpreter and the software together. They say that the software to help medical communication is promising. However, they also describe challenges.

The Inclusive Technology Lab at Northwestern University published the article in 2008. Meanwhile, this PDF file is accessible for people using screen reading technology in English. However, navigation may be difficult.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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