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Sign Language Rights as Deaf Rights: History and Research

In the opinion of many advocates, sign language rights is the cornerstone of deaf rights. Author explains the history and summarizes research.
Cover for an issue of the Sign Language Studies journal.

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Can a Deaf community access deaf rights without first achieving sign language rights? What do you think? In the opinion of many advocates, sign language rights is the cornerstone of deaf rights. In other words, deaf people need access to sign language before they can take part in society. The author explains the history of the fight for sign language rights. He also summarizes research about legal recognition of sign languages around the world. He found that legal recognition of sign language does not always meet human right goals. For example, deaf children still don’t have sign language rights or other deaf rights.
Author Joseph Murray published this article in the Sign Language Studies journal. It published in the Summer 2015 issue, Volume 15, Issue 4. The article is not available for free online. The JSTOR platform allows users to read a limited number of articles for free. Or you can ask your library if they subscribe to the Sign Language Studies journal. We could not assess if the article is accessible for people with screen reading software.
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