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Sign language for parents in Netherlands and Canada

A program helps with sign language training for parents in the Netherlands and Canada. Parents learn via video interaction and home visits.
A group of four children of varying ages cluster together, smiling at the camera. One child makes the sign for "I love you".

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A new program helps with sign language for parents in the Netherlands and Canada. Parents receive 15 weeks of sign language training. For example, they can learn through video interactions and home visits. Meanwhile, they learn from a specialized curriculum. For example, they learn signs they can use during family events. They also learn signs they can use when playing with their deaf children. The project now teaches sign language in Netherlands and English-speaking Canada. As of 2016, the program was to expand to include parents in French-speaking Quebec, Canada. Teachers can adapt the curriculum for other countries with different languages.

The web page and PDF file are accessible for most people using screen reading software.

Also explore other good practices for sign language in child development and education.

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