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Nontraditional ethical issues in assistive technology research

The author says sometimes researchers confront nontraditional ethical issues in research on assistive technology in a developing country.
Cover of the book entitled "Ethical Engineering for International Development and Environmental Sustainability"

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Researchers have an important responsibility to consider the ethics of how they work with people in their research. The author of this book chapter, William Tucker, says that sometimes researchers using action research may confront nontraditional ethical issues. He describes a project that developed assistive technology at Deaf Community of Cape Town, in South Africa. The author describes how the ethical issues affected the design of assistive technology. And he explain how they changed the assistive technology because of these issues. He provides recommendations for other working on assistive technology in developing countries.

The author of this book chapter is William Tucker. The chapter published in 2013 in the book entitled Ethical Engineering for International Development and Environmental Sustainability

This book chapter is not available for free. But it may be possible to purchase either the whole book or this one chapter. More information on how to purchase the book or book chapter is available at the link above. Or, you can ask your best library if they have a copy of the book.

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