Image shows the cover for the document entitled "Multimedia Instruction for Students Who Are Deaf". Above the title is the logo for the Center on Technology and Disability. Below the main title is the statement, "Re-published with permission from American Institutes for Research". The logo for American Institutes for Research is at the bottom of the page.

Teachers can use different types of multimedia materials for deaf students to make content accessible for them. It summarizes some of the research and studies that have assessed how well these tools help deaf students. Some of the tools listed are for deaf students in the United States who use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate. Some of the other tools listed might also be helpful for teachers in other countries. This article is old (2007) so some information may be out of date.

This PDF file may be partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but may have some difficulty with navigation. It is not clear if images come with alt tags to describe them for people who cannot see. Most images in this article do not provide important information.

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