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Journal Articles on Inclusive Education

The International Journal of Inclusive Education provides 20 years of peer-reviewed journal articles on inclusive education.
The cover of an issue of the International Journal of Inclusive Education. Below the title is an abstract drawing of two faces facing each other.

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The International Journal of Inclusive Education provides 20 years of peer-reviewed journal articles on inclusive education. The journal is for all educators educational policy-makers interested in schools, universities, and technical colleges. It publishes papers with original research into pedagogies, curricula, organizational structures, policy-making, administration and cultures.

Its articles cover many topics related to the inclusion of students with disabilities in mainstream schools. A few articles either focus on or include discussion about deaf or hard of hearing students. Many more articles discuss students with all types of disabilities, including but not specifically mentioning deaf students.

The journal is not available for free. Learn about options to purchase a subscription for personal use or for a library or other institution.

We could not assess whether the journal is accessible for people with print disabilities such as people who are blind or have dyslexia.

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