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Inclusion for Deaf and hard of hearing students

Learn strategies to make schools and classrooms more disability inclusive, with inclusion for Deaf and hard of hearing students too.
Cover for the publication entitled "School and Classroom Disabilities Inclusion Guide for Low- and Middle-Income Countries". The picture on the cover shows a classroom of young school children in school uniforms seated in rows at their desks.

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Learn strategies that can make schools and classrooms more inclusive of students with disabilities. This manual is for international organizations in education, policy makers, and educators in sub-Saharan Africa or other low-income regions. It provides guidance on meeting the needs of students with all types of disabilities in the classroom in low-resource environments. The manual discusses inclusion for Deaf and hard of hearing students throughout. It encourages using sign language with Deaf students in school.

RTI International published this manual in January 2017.

The PDF file is mostly accessible for people using screen reading software.

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