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Guidance for Policy Makers on Disability-Inclusive ICT in Education

This manual provides guidance for policy makers on developing policy that will help ensure disability-inclusive ICT in education.
Cover for the publication entitled "Model Policy for Inclusive ICTs in Education for Persons with Disabilities". A photo of a page printed in braille is at the top of the cover.

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In many countries, people with disabilities are excluded from education. This includes many Deaf and hard of hearing people. The right Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) could fix that. The right policy or legislation can help students with disabilities access the technology they need. This manual provides guidance for policy makers on disability-inclusive ICT in education. This guide may also be useful for advocates working with policy makers.

The manual can help  in writing policies promoting disability-inclusive ICT in education. It provides information on policy from other countries. And it can help policy makers write policy appropriate for their country. It also guides policy makers in ensuring their new policy is consistent with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). With a few exceptions, most countries have now ratified the CRPD.

The manual does not specifically mention deaf or hard of hearing people. Deaf leaders, families, and educators may wish to review the manual before sharing it with policy makers. Then they can consider what additional information or message they want to provide.

We could not assess whether this PDF file is accessible for people using screen reading software.

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