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Ghana Sign Language Dictionary

Ready to learn a few Ghana signs? The online Ghana Sign Language (GSL) dictionary can help you with GSL vocabulary. But it does not teach grammar.
Screenshot of the online Ghana Sign Language dictionary

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GSL Dictionary

Ready to learn a few Ghana signs? The online Ghana Sign Language (GSL) dictionary can help. For example, you can search alphabetically by English word. Next, a video shows the sign for the word that you choose. 


But you also can use the GSL to English dictionary to learn the meaning of a sign. For example, you can ask the dictionary to list all the signs that use a specific handshape. Thus, you can find the video showing the sign you saw. You also can ask the GSL to English dictionary to organize signs by body part. For example, it can list signs that begin near the neck or forearm. You also can select both a hand shape and a body part together. For example, you can have the dictionary show all signs with the L handshape made near the neck. 


The dictionary is exactly that: a dictionary with GSL vocabulary. For example, it does not teach GSL grammar or sentence structure. It also does not include GSL classifiers.


The Ayele Foundation provides the online Ghana Sign Language dictionary. They promote literacy and technology for children in rural Ghana.


Meanwhile, the dictionary is not accessible for blind people. For example, images do not have descriptions. Also, links do not have labels to say where they go. And no audio description is available to describe the signs.


Also learn more about West African sign languages, including in Ghana.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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