Screen shot from the front page of the Equity and Disability in Education Commons website. Shows a map of the world. A few dots on the map represent places where a user has downloaded one of the articles from the website.

Often, academic literature on deafness in education is only accessible for people who can afford to pay. But some free academic literature on disability in education is available. The “Disability and Equity in Education Commons” offers more than 3,000 full-text articles. This includes some articles that focus on deaf or hard of hearing students. A few articles focus on DeafBlind students. Articles address education at all ages and levels, from early childhood through university level. Publications come from universities and other sources around the world. People can use the website from any country.

The Disability and Equity in Education Commons is one part of a much larger collection. The Digital Commons Network has more than 2.4 million scholarly articles on many topics. Aside from education, the website has articles on architecture, law, business, medical and health sciences, engineering, and more.

The website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. Images do not use alternative text to describe them for people who cannot see them. Due to the large number of articles, we could not assess accessibility for all of them. However, spot checking shows that accessibility varies. 

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