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Finding Local Disability Organizations

Guidance for finding local disability organizations. Some cross-disability organizations are inclusive of deaf people, others are learning.
At the top are six icons associated with different disabilities: A wheelchair symbol, symbol referring to audio loop, a brain inside a head, the symbol for sign interpreting, person with a white cane, and braille. Below these icons is a photo of a sculpture showing hands making the sign for "connection" or "cooperation".

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Member organizations in International Disability Alliance and in Disabled Peoples International

The fight for Deaf rights is usually stronger when many partners work together. Sometimes that means working with Deaf organizations and also other disability organizations together. So how do you find local disability organizations in your country?

International Disability Alliance Members

Some local organizations belong to a national-level federation of organizations. Meanwhile, some national-level organizations belong to a regional- or international-level federation of organizations. Thus, you can begin at the International Disability Alliance (IDA) membership page. The IDA is a federation of global-level organizations focused on different disabilities. These include the World Federation of the Deaf and the World Federation of the DeafBlind. Other examples include Inclusion International, the World Blind Union, and more. The IDA also has regional-level organizations in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, most organizational members in IDA are themselves federations for national level organizations. For example, the World Federation of the Deaf has members in more than 100 countries. Most websites for international or regional organizations have a “membership” page. This may provide contact information for national-level organizations. Next, your country’s national organization might have information for finding local disability organizations in your area.

Disabled People’s International National Assembly Members

Disabled People’s International (DPI) is an umbrella organization for national-level cross-disability organizations in more than 100 countries. Some national cross-disability organizations are actively inclusive of deaf people. Others are still learning how to include deaf people. DPI currently has two websites. Both list national member assemblies in DPI. Some national organizations are listed in both websites. But some organizations are only listed in one or the other. Some of the national organizations may have information about local organizations in your area.

Finding More Organizations

Also learn how to find local deaf organizations, or how to find deafblind organizations. Or else, explore organizations listed in our website

Website Accessibility

Websites for different organizations vary widely in accessibility. Some websites are accessible for some people with disabilities, but inaccessible for others.

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