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Find deaf blogs and vlogs through Deaf Read site

The Deaf Read website can help you find many deaf blogs and vlogs, sharing stories by deaf people in different countries.
The logo for DeafRead has a drawing of a pair of hands signing "vlog" to the left of the name. Below the name of the site is the motto "Best of Deaf Blogs and Vlogs"

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Many deaf people create their own blogs and vlogs to share their experiences with each other. A “blog” is a written post, while a “vlog” is a video post, often in sign language. Since vloggers come from different countries, they use different sign languages as well. Meanwhile, the Deaf Read website can help you find many deaf blogs and vlogs around the world. Also, if you create blogs and vlogs, you can submit them to the Deaf Read website. As a result, this will help more readers find your blog or vlog.

The Deaf Read site may be difficult to use for people who rely on screen reading software. For example, most images do not use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see.

Also visit the story section of our website to find personal stories by deaf people, and people who work with them around the world. Meanwhile, some stories are written, other stories are signed.

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