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Families and deaf children: Transforming lives and communities

Parents and families of deaf children can transform lives and communities. This manual explains how to help them do that, with case studies.
Cover of "Family Friendly! Working with deaf children and their communities worldwide". A photo on the cover shows a deaf adult teaching sign language to a deaf child while other family members watch.

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Parents and families of deaf children can be powerful. They transform the lives of their children and whole communities. But many organizations don’t know the best way to involve parents with their programs. And many parents also don’t know how to be involved, or don’t believe they can help.

In response, this manual can both inspire and guide. It explains how service organizations, deaf adults, and communities can help parents. Meanwhile, the manual explains how teachers and parents can help each other. Parents also can help other parents with deaf children. The manual describes case studies in which families of deaf children transform lives. More case studies are available on the Deaf Child Worldwide website.

This PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But we could not learn if images use tags to describe them for people who cannot see.

Also explore other resources for parents learning how to raise deaf children.

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