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EUD Position Paper: International Sign

European Union of the Deaf (EUD) Position Paper describes International Sign and explains their position on national & intl sign languages.
At top is the logo for the European Union of the Deaf. At bottom is the logo for the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters.

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When Deaf people from different countries connect, they must communicate. Since the early 20th century, one tool for communication is International Sign. The European Union of the Deaf (EUD) Position Paper describes International Sign. They say it is a negotiation between signers. In other words, each signer mixes their sign languages to create International Sign. They also mix in iconic signs that most signers can understand. The EUD position paper on international sign strongly supports translation to national sign languages whenever possible. But they also support the use of International Sign as an alternative. 

The European Union of the Deaf and the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters published this position paper in 2012. The EUD position paper is available in International Sign in video. It also is available in written English. The web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But its accessibility has limits. For example, links do not have labels to say where they go.

Also learn how deaf people communicate in a global context. Or else learn more about International Sign.

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