Photo shows graduating students standing in a line throwing their graduation caps into the air at sunset. The caps form an arc in the air before they start to fall.

This article provides guidance for enabling Deaf students to succeed in university. It describes different technologies universities can use to help deaf and hard of hearing students participate in the same classroom with hearing students. Some of these options include phone applications that may be free for people who use Smart phones. Others technologies may be expensive. The article also describes how to design classrooms to make it easier for hard of hearing students to understand lectures and discussion.

The article also provides advice to students who are deaf or hard of hearing. It advises students in choosing the right university and learning how the university can meet their needs.

Many of the scholarships and resource links provided at the bottom are mainly for people in the United States.

Most of the text on the web page is accessible for people using screen reading software. However, the page does not use alternative text to describe images for people who cannot see them.

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