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Disability in Sustainable Development Goals

Some funding agencies want to know, will your project help with the Sustainable Development Goals? This page summarizes where the SDGs mention disability.
At the top it says "Sustainable Development Goals". The logo for the United Nations is at the left, the "O" in "Goals" shows the 17-color wheel representing the Sustainable Development Goals. Below the header are boxes, each box listing one of the 17 goals with an icon representing the concept.

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The Sustainable Development Goals and Disability

Will your project help your country meet the Sustainable Development Goals? Some funding agencies want to know. Thus, Deaf and disability organizations need to know the answer. Fortunately, disability appears in the Sustainable Development Goals several times. This United Nations web page summarizes where the SDGs mention disability. If your project is relevant for any SDG that mentions disability, you can explain this to funders. You also can tell them that 15 percent of the global population are people with disabilities. Thus, they cannot meet any SDG without people with disabilities.

The web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. For example, some images have descriptions for people who can’t see them. But one keyword search box and one web link do not have labels to say what they are.

Also visit this overview of the SDGs for more detail. Or you also can learn about the SDGs in International sign.

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