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Development 101 Class on Disability Inclusion by USAID

Is your international development program as disability inclusive as it should? Take a "Disability-Inclusive Development 101" class online.
Screenshot shows the front page of the USAID Disability Inclusion 101 class with a course outline.

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“Disability Inclusive Development 101” eLearning Course

If you aren’t intentionally taking steps to be disability inclusive, then your international development program may be leaving people with disabilities behind. You can learn how to fix that. In response to need, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) developed an online class, “Disability-Inclusive Development 101” class.

Meanwhile, this class is available in two video formats. Therefore, you can watch the class in video with captions only, for people with slow internet connection. Or else, you can watch the class with international sign language interpretation, for people with fast internet connection. If neither of these web links work for you, then please check that your computer has installed adobe flash drive. Additionally, check that your web browser will allow adobe flash drive to play without blocking it. Furthermore, sometimes trying a different web browser helps.

In addition to USAID’s Development 101 class, USAID also recommends a 40-minute web-based Disability Orientation by UNICEF. Furthermore, UNICEF’s orientation has captions and ASL translation. Additionally, it is available with audio description for blind people.

Also visit USAID’s page on Advancing Disability-Inclusive Development for more information about their work in this area. For example, their page provides information about USAID policies on disability. Additionally, it provides a publication on including people with disabilities in political processes and other resources. Their page also links to the development 101 class

Furthermore, explore our other resources on deafness in international development for professionals in the field.

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