Seven people stand or crouch near a blue van. The van has the web address for on the side.

Deafway, a UK-based organization, works with Deaf communities in the UK, Uganda, and Nepal. They highly value Deaf culture and signed languages.

  • In the UK they provide residential care services, Deaf culture and sign language projects, and youth services.
  • In Nepal, they work with two schools for deaf children. One is the Shereejana School for Deaf Children in Pokhara. The other is the Navajyoti Deaf primary school for Deaf children in Sindhulimadi. In addition, they work with the older Deaf persons’ project in Kathmandu and Kiripur.
  • In Uganda, they work with the St. Anthony’s school for Deaf children near Nkosa.

The Deafway website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. However, some links are not labeled to tell people using screen reading software where they go.

Find more local deaf organizations around the world, or find DeafBlind organizations.

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