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Deaf women’s rehabilitation center in India: DFDW

The Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women is a Deaf India women’s rehabilitation center. They offer vocational training, leadership training, sign classes, more.
The logo for the Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women shows the shape of a woman's head with the acronym DFDW.

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The Delhi Foundation of Deaf Women (DFDW) is a Deaf women’s rehabilitation center in India. Meanwhile, they offer self-employment activities such as crafts and tailoring. They also provide vocational training such as IT or secretarial skills. Other  activities include leadership training and campaigns to raise deaf awareness.

This Deaf women’s rehabilitation center has speech therapy and audiology services.  They also provide sign language classes for hearing professionals.

The DFDW website has some accessibility barriers for people using screen reading software. For example, most images do not have descriptions for people who can’t see them.

Also learn about the Deaf Enabled Foundation in India. Or also see the Deaf Leaders Foundation in India.

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