The logo for Deaf Women United shows the name of the organization at the bottom, and the acronym DW in colored letters above the name.

Deaf Women United provides resources to connect U.S. Deaf women to empowerment through advocacy, education, and outreach. The U.S. organization also develops opportunities for networking and information exchange. Additionally, they celebrate Deaf Women Herstory month annually, and hold an annual national conference.

The Deaf Women United website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with some difficulty. For example, some images have descriptions for people who cannot see, but others do not. Meanwhile, some web links and forms do not have labels to say what they are.

Also learn about the Nellie Zabel Foundation, which works with Deaf women in Chile. Or learn about the Nawalparasi Association of the Deaf, which works with Deaf women in Nepal. Additionally, explore other resources about Deaf women around the world.

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