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Deaf women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia: Teki Bags

Deaf women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia employ Deaf women at Teki Paper Bags. They also help restaurants and shops stop plastic waste by using paper bags
Logo for Teki Paper Bags. To the left is a drawing of a brown paper bag. To the right, the word "Teki" is in Amharic script. Below that are the words "Paper Bags".

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Deaf women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia are solving two problems with one business. One challenge is that many deaf women experience barriers to employment. The other is that there is too much plastic waste in the country. Meanwhile, humble paper bags, and the business producing them, have come to the rescue. Today, the Teki Paper Bags business employs 27 staff, including 17 Deaf women. The woman who founded the business, Mimi Legesse, is herself a Deaf woman. They also solve the plastic waste problem with paper bags. In other words, they sell the bags to restaurants, hotels, and shops. Thus, their clients can use paper instead of plastic bags. Teki’s paper bags have replaced more than 800 thousand plastic bags.

Teki’s website is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But it has some accessibility barriers. For example, some images do not have descriptions for people who cannot see them.

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Also learn about other Deaf women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

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