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Deaf Ugandans Learning Sign Language

In 2014, the TV show Unreported World produced a special episode about deaf Ugandans learning sign language for the first time.
Video screenshot shows a group of deaf Ugandans learning sign language in the background. In front is a woman narrating. A sign language interpreter is at the bottom right of the screen.

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About the video documentary

Many deaf people in Uganda never meet other deaf people or learn sign language. However, some are lucky. A few have taken sign language classes and found deaf friends. In 2014, the TV show Unreported World produced a special episode about deaf Ugandans learning sign language. The TV show is on Channel 4, which is a British public television network. Meanwhile, the title of the episode about  is “15 and Learning to Speak.” Most of the episode is in English. However, some people use Ugandan Sign Language or spoken languages other than English.

You can watch different versions of the episode online for free. However, some versions of the episode are not accessible for deaf people. In other words, some have translation to British Sign Language, while others do not. Also, some have captions, while others do not. Furthermore, some captions are edited for accuracy, while others are auto-generated with no editing. We list different options below. Watch to learn about deaf Ugandans learning sign language.

Where to watch the video documentary

  • You can try to view the episode on the Channel 4 website with subtitles in English. However, be aware that people need to register with channel 4. At the time we tried to register, their sign-in page was broken. Additionally, they use an old version of flash that may not work on your computer. It is 24 minutes long.
  • Watch it on YouTube with British Sign Language (BSL) translation. However, this version has no captions. It is 39 minutes long.
  • Watch it on YouTube with auto-generated captions. In other words, no human edited these captions for accuracy. This video also does not have BSL translation. Meanwhile, it is 24 minutes long.
  • In addition to the full-length versions of the documentary, YouTube also has short video clips from the documentary. Some of the video clips have human-edited captions. However, others do not. Try searching in google or YouTube with phrases like “15 and learning to speak” or “Unreported World”. Each clip shares one story among deaf Ugandans learning sign language.

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