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Deaf rights comics: An advocacy tool

Comics can help organizations raise deaf awareness or advocate in the local community. This guide will help you learn how to create comics.
Cover for the publication entitled "Wallposter Comics: A Great Campaign Tool for NGOs". A sample of a black and white comic with four panels is on the cover.

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Comics can help raise deaf awareness. They also can help advocate for deaf rights in the local community. This guide will help you learn how to create comics. Some human rights advocacy organizations paste comics onto walls in public places. As a result, people in the community see and read the comics. Therefore, a deaf rights comic can help educate people about deaf rights.

Some people think they cannot create comics because they cannot draw well. But the guide explains that a good story is more important than good drawing skills. Furthermore, it advises where and how to post comics.

This guide does not talk about deaf people. But it guides all kinds of advocacy organizations in creating comics. You can use deaf rights comics to express any message you need.

The text of this PDF file is accessible for people using screen reading software, but with difficulty with navigation. However, the file includes many pictures and drawings. These are important in giving examples of creating comics. We could not assess if the pictures use alternate text to describe them for people who cannot see.

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