Logo for the Family Educational Services Foundation. Above the full name of the organization is a drawing of a hand holding a heart, and the acronym (FESF).

The Deaf Reach program is a network of schools in Pakistan. In addition to educating deaf children, they promote community inclusion and facilitate job placement. Furthermore, they developed Pakistan Sign Language Learning Resources to teach sign language. They also teach deaf students to develop websites, and they support deaf artisans. Deaf Reach also is an initiative of the Family Education Services Foundation (FESF). FESF is an educational organization in Pakistan.

Their website is difficult to use for people using screen reading software. For example, images do not use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see them. Also, web links are not labeled to say where they go. 

Learn more about the Deaf Reach program’s involvement with a project teaching Pakistan Sign Language to teachers and parents.

Also explore the Mill Neck International Deaf Center (MNIDC) to find other deaf-focused organizations around the world.

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