Cover of report entitled "Accessing Public Services: Issues for Deaf People" by the British Deaf Association

Deaf people of all ages in the UK confront ignorance when they try to access health care services. In other words, staff members at the National Health Service (NHS) do not have deaf awareness. For example, staff don’t understand how to communicate with deaf patients. They also don’t understand why they need to book interpreters for Deaf patients. Meanwhile, older Deaf people experience isolation because many Deaf clubs have closed down. The British Deaf Association (BDA) completed focus groups with Deaf and hard of hearing people to talk about these issues. They listened to people living in different boroughs of London, UK. As a result, their report summarizes what they learned.

The BDA published this report in 2014. This PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But it does not use bookmarks. It also is not tagged to say its natural language.

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