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Deaf Nigerians: No healthcare, education, or jobs can be fatal

Poor healthcare, sometimes resulting in death. No education and no jobs. These are some challenges shared in common among Deaf Nigerians.
Deaf Nigerians are seated together outside in the shade of a long awning. They are members of the Deaf Supporter's Group in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Poor healthcare, sometimes resulting in death. Also, no education and no jobs. Deaf Nigerians share these challenges in common. Meanwhile, news reporter Collins Nweze shares stories from Deaf people in Nigeria. Sometimes a sign language interpreter can transform lives. But many Deaf people cannot afford them. The reporter also interviews people who propose various solutions.

Collins Nweze published this article in The Nation in 2013. Meanwhile, the web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software,. But they may experience some difficulty. For example, links and buttons do not have labels to say where they lead.

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