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Deaf elected politicians who use sign language in office

Learn about 17 Deaf politicians around the world. Most are members of parliament, a couple are city mayors. All use sign language.
Infographic shows the faces of 17 deaf elected politicians to office, all organized along a timeline that shows the year in which each person was voted into office. A complete description of all the information in the infographic is available at the web link

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They come from Canada, Belgium, South Africa, Uruguay, and elsewhere. Meanwhile, most have been members of the parliament or Senate of their country, province, or state. However, a couple are city mayors. What they all share in common, aside from being Deaf elected politicians, is that they all have used sign language during their official duties.

At the link, an infographic shows a timeline of when each Deaf elected politician first took office. Also included is a one-line summary of their political career. You can google the name of each person to learn more detail about them. Emilio Ferreiro created the infographic and published it via

The web page is not fully accessible for people who use screen reading software. However, a transcript at the link provides the same text that is in the infographic for people who cannot see it.

Find more deaf role models in different careers. Or, find more resources on deaf people’s participation in the democratic process of their country.

Click here to show & hide the transcript with descriptions


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