Logo for the Deaf Development Programme in Cambodia, with a pair of hands signing inside a circle. The name of the organization is written in Cambodian arcing above the circle, and in English arcing below the circle.

The Deaf Development Program in Cambodia empowers deaf people in education, language, employment, and community. They also raise awareness of deafness, deaf people, and deaf culture in Cambodia. The organization additionally provides a range of services. These include sign interpreters, job training, basic education, and more. The Deaf Development Program is a project of MaryknollCambodia, a US-based Catholic Mission organization. 

The website is accessible for people using screen reading software, but with difficulty. For example, some web links have no text saying to where they link. Or, other web links may not make sense out of context via screen reading software. Meanwhile, for people visiting in person, only the ground floor is wheelchair accessible. People who need other accessibility information should communicate directly with the Deaf Development Program in Cambodia.

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