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Anyone who works with young deaf children knows: They need deaf adult role models they can emulate. But what of the role models themselves? What is their experience with being a role model? And how does this experience impact the adults? In response to these questions, the authors completed five focus groups with deaf adult role models in the United Kingdom (UK). Meanwhile, all adults participating in the focus groups had training in being role models. They also all had experience working with deaf children, their parents, and professionals working with them.

Authors Katherine D Rogers and Alys M Young published this article in Volume 13, issue 1, of the journal Deafness & Education International in 2011. Meanwhile, the web page is partly accessible for people using screen reading software, but with difficulty. For example, images and web links do not have labels that say what they are.

Also explore other research about deaf people. Or, find examples of deaf role models you can share with others.

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