Logo for the Washington Group on Disability Statistics. Behind the name of the group is an image of the globe next to an image of the Washington Monument.

Researchers and governments around the world collect data about people with disabilities, and about deaf or hard of hearing people. Many countries use different questions and different strategies for collecting disability data. As a result, it is hard to compare data from different countries. In response, the Washington Group on Disability Statistics developed standard questions and strategies. They also promote international collaboration between National Statistical Offices and Disabled People’s Organizations around the world. Their website provides standard questions to use in collecting disability data. It also explains methodology and provides implementation guidelines.

The website is accessible for people using screen reading software with minor difficulties. For example, most images use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see, but a few do not.

Researchers may also want to learn about the Disability Data Portal, or the Zero Project data on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

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