Screenshot of video in which Sarah Sparks explains what happens when a cochlear implant is activated and her cochlear implant experience.

An Audiology Student's Cochlear Implant Activation - What Happens at a CI Activation, Anyway?

Perhaps you’ve seen the videos online: A baby gets a new cochlear implant. And they turn it on for the first time! You might love them or hate them, but these videos are common. But what really happens when an audiologist turns on a cochlear implant for the first time? A deaf audiology student, Sarah Sparks, explains the process. She also shares her own cochlear implant experience. For example, she explains why she still uses sign language with cochlear implants. She also shows a video in which her audiologist turns on her second cochlear implant.
This video is accessible for deaf, hearing, sighted, and blind people. For example, Sarah Sparks signs in American Sign Language in the video. The video also has captions for people who cannot understand her signs. For hearing blind people, the video has voice over with audio description. The audio description describes the visuals in the video. Meanwhile, DeafBlind people can read a full transcript with image descriptions.
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