Photo shows a doctor taking a patient's blood pressure at the hospital.

Community-based participatory research (CBPR) is important to community health research. However, despite many researchers agreeing on this point, CBPR is rarely used with the Deaf community. In response, the authors share lessons they learned using CBPR with Deaf American Sign Language users in the Rochester, New York area. Meanwhile, they say it is important for research to benefit the community, and for researchers to sustain community partnerships.

The authors are Michael McKee, Denise Thew, Matthew Starr, Poorna Kushalnagar, John T. Reid, Patrick Graybill, Julia Velasquez, and Thomas Pearson. Meanwhile, the article published in Volume 6, Issue 3 of Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research Education and Action. The publication is from Johns Hopkins University Press in Fall 2012. The article explains how CBPR with Deaf American Sign Language users can promote better collaboration between researchers and Deaf people.

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