Logo for the Christian Blind Mission shows the acronym cbm in lower case letters. Red and yellow dots to the right and above the acronym are organized to resemble the cross. The slogan "together we can do more" is below the acronym.

The Christian Blind Mission, CBM, is a global disability organization. They partner with organizations in low-income countries. Meanwhile, they promote the human rights of people with disabilities. They also promote the full inclusion of people with disabilities in society. This includes people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind. CBM also is an international Christian development organization that follows Christian values. CBM addresses poverty as both a cause and consequence of disability. They also provide an online library of digital publications and resources on disability.

Their website is accessible for people who use screen reading software. For example, images use descriptions for people who cannot see them. CBM, as a global disability organization, commits to an accessible website.

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