Photo shows the three volumes of the publication "The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia" together.

Overview of the sign languages in the Caribbean region. Summarizes the influence of foreign sign languages. Briefly mentions how researchers are documenting some of the Caribbean sign languages.

This encyclopedia entry, “Sign Language: Caribbean” is in The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia. It is available online for free. The online version is difficult to access for people using screen reading software. Most images do not use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see. Web links are not labeled to say where they go.

In addition to the link above, which goes directly to the entry “Sign Language: Caribbean”, people also can preview an online version of the entire publication The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia published in 2016. The encyclopedia editors are Genie Gertz and Patrick Boudreault. The author of the entry “Sign Language: Caribbean” is Ben Braithwaite.

Libraries also can purchase a print version of the publication, The SAGE Deaf Studies Encyclopedia, from various booksellers. 


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