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App for Learning South African Sign Language

A new, free online app for learning South African Sign Language called FingerTalk launched in 2015 with a dictionary and interactive quizzes.
Screenshot that shows the FingerTalk SASL Dictionary in Google Play. The logo shows the white silhouette of two hands signing against a blue background. Below the name of the app and its logo is a video frozen to show two people seated on a couch, one talking and the other signing.

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Until 2015, the opportunity to learn South African Sign Language (SASL) was out of reach for many South Africans. Most people could not afford to pay for classes. Also, there was no free online SASL tutorial. That changed when a new, free online app for learning South African Sign Language launched in 2015. Called FingerTalk, the app provides a free SASL dictionary. Additionally, it provides interactive quizzes to help users learn the sign vocabulary. Furthermore, people can share signs they have learned with friends through social media. The app for learning South African Sign Language also has an online notice board. People use the board to exchange news and events related to South African deaf people.

The web page is accessible for people using screen reading software with minimal difficulty. The same text can also be downloaded in accessible Word format at the bottom of the page.

Another project teaches Pakistan Sign Language to parents and teachers in Pakistan. Meanwhile, another project helps teachers develop educational materials using Morocco Sign Language.

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