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Ambassador of the Deaf Community: Miss & Mister Deaf International

The winner of the Miss & Mister Deaf International competition becomes Ambassador of the Deaf community who meets with important leaders.
Logo for Miss & Mister Deaf International has a drawing of a man and a woman wearing

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Empowers and supports Deaf women and men. Also provides a platform for contestants to demonstrate their unique talents, intellect, personal and humanitarian goals. Meanwhile, the winner becomes Ambassador of the Deaf community who travels to meet with important leaders. The winner also speaks out against stereotypes and helps illustrate the inner beauty of Deaf women and men.

The website is partly accessible for people using screen readers, but also has accessibility barriers. For example, some images use alternative tags to describe them for people who cannot see, but many others do not.

Learn more about how you can compete to be Ambassador of the Deaf community at the link.

Find more organizations of and for Deaf and hard of hearing people. Or, find more Deaf role models.

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