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Advocating for Deaf Awareness through the Media

Learn how to advocate with television, newspapers, and other media to raise Deaf awareness through the media.
The logo for Disability Awareness in Action shows the acronym daa in lower case letters inside a circle. below it are the words "The International Disability and Human Rights Network"

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Learn how to advocate with television, newspapers, and other media to raise Deaf awareness through the media. Some people only learn about Deaf people, or people with disabilities, through the media. Media news stories and other media content can raise awareness or change attitudes about Deaf people. This resource kit by Disability Awareness in Action (DAA) shares advice for how disability rights organizations can build relationships with media workers. It also shares ideas for how disability rights organizations can advocate with the media to do better in raising people’s awareness about disability. This advice is useful for Deaf organizations, and for organizations working with Deaf people.

DAA released this resource kit in 1992, before websites or web-based video channels were common. However, most of the advice in this kit is useful for advocating with either traditional media or online media.

People can download the guide in either PDF, RTF, or Word format. The PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software with some difficulty with navigation. We were unable to assess whether the Word or RTF files are accessible.

DAA published this resource kit as part of a series of seven resource kits for disability rights advocacy organizations. Their other resource kits cover topics such as developing a better organization, raising funds, and a guide to civil rights legislation.

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