Screen shot from the website for the Organization for Broadcasting and Communications for People with Disabilities. A few lines of Japanese text is on the screen. To the right of the text, a woman is signing to the camera.

A technology service in Japan provides accessible emergency broadcast information for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.  In other words, deaf people can receive the same information about humanitarian emergencies as everyone else. As a result, they will know what the emergency is and how to prepare.

The service, “Listening with your Eyes”, uses Internet technology that puts captions and a sign interpreter on the television screen. Additionally, the service uses a dedicated television channel. As a result, deaf people can control where the captions or sign interpreter appear on the screen. The technology provide captions and signs with a regular news broadcast every week. In addition, they use the technology to provide accessible emergency broadcast information in Japan.

The web page is accessible for people using screen reading technology with minimal difficulty. The same text is also available in Word document, which people can download at the bottom of the page. The Word document, too, is accessible for people using screen reading technology.

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