Cover of publication entitled "Monitoring the Human Rights of People with Disabilities: Country Report: Bolivia"

Deaf and disabled people in Bolivia, Latin America, experience human rights crimes. It is the same in many other countries too. But different people have different experiences. Also, different countries have different laws. People who want to improve human rights need to understand different experiences. They also need to know what different laws say about human rights. People can do this by “monitoring” (watching) deaf and disability rights. A team of people in Bolivia did a project to watch deaf and disability rights. Thus, they interviewed many people with disabilities in Bolivia. This included deaf people too. They also looked at laws, policies, and programs that affect human rights in Bolivia. 

This report summarizes Bolivian laws that affect deaf and disability rights. It also explains what organizations work with deaf and disabled people in Bolivia. For example, these include the Bolivian Federation of the Deaf. The authors also summarize what they learned from interviewing people. 

Disability Rights Promotion International (DRPI) published this report in 2009. One purpose of the report is to share information to help advocate for disability rights. Another purpose is to provide an example for how to watch deaf and disability rights. People can use the same process to watch deaf and disability rights in other countries. This PDF file is partly accessible for people using screen reading software. But it does not use bookmarks. Also, it does not have tags to say its natural language.

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