Screenshot of a page in the CNN news website showing a frozen video "Giving a voice to the voiceless" about deaf awareness and empowerment in Rwanda.

In some places in Rwanda, Africa, deaf people still have no language. Thus, the local deaf community is working to change that. They promote deaf awareness and empowerment in Rwanda. For example, the Rwanda National Union of the Deaf teaches sign language to deaf people. The organization also promotes national recognition of Rwanda Sign Language. They want schools for deaf students to use sign language. In response, they are developing a sign language dictionary for Rwanda Sign Language. Meanwhile, Media for Deaf Rwanda launched a “Sign Your Name” project. The project raises deaf awareness and empowerment in Rwanda. It  teaches important public people to finger spell their name. Each person also learns how to sign a simple sentence. The Media for Deaf Rwanda then broadcasts a video of them signing their message.

CNN published this video in 2018. The video is in spoken English with English captions.

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