About MNI

Mill Neck International’s mission is to collaborate with partners to mobilize the capabilities, skills and resources of and for Deaf Communities worldwide to achieve their human rights to access effective communication and education for living and sustaining independent, productive and meaningful lives.

Mill Neck International Team

Dr Amy Wilson

Amy is standing with a wall and church windows behind her. She has mixed grey and blonde hair, glasses, white, and is wearing a gray jacket with a white button down shirt and a necklace.



Leading a team of Deaf specialists sharing expertise, knowledge and technical skills.

Lisa Fisher

Lisa is standing with a fireplace mantle behind her. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a black jacket with a flowery green, blue and white scarf.

Mill Neck International Deaf Center Manager

Manages developing, planning, and driving the distribution of knowledge and resources.

Sarah Houge

Sarah is standing with a wall and church windows behind her. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, white, and is wearing a gray jacket with blue, navy blue, pink and white patterned shirt

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Focuses on collaboration, project work and data collection with Deaf communities.

Andrea Shettle

Andrea Shettle

Content Specialist

Focuses on sharing knowledge and resources through Social Media and MNIDC


About Mill Neck International Deaf Center

Mill Neck International Deaf Center (MNIDC) is an online resource center for you to find information and resources to use with your Deaf communities to reduce poverty and to achieve your human rights. We will share with you what we have learned from other organizations, research and Deaf people living in countries throughout the world. Please join us by sharing your ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills!

About our website

Our goal for the online Resource Center is to ensure this website is deaf-friendly. For clear communication access the website is bilingual in International Sign and English supported visually by including clear graphics and icons to illustrate the topics and/or the concepts.

Language Use

We want to make sure this website is accessible. For deaf people that means ensuring language access through the use of sign language. Just like spoken language, each country has their own sign language. Since there is no one universal sign language, we use “International Sign”. International Sign Language is a sign language with the most understandable signs chosen from diverse sign language thought to make it possible for users of different sign languages to understand each other.

We use English for the written language. English is considered a global language with more than 350 million people around the world reading and writing English as their first language and more than 430 million reading and writing English as their second or more language.

Soon we will have other languages (signed and written), too. We do hope that people around the world will consider translating the material to their language so the website will be accessible to those who are not familiar with International Sign and/or English.