Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

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Explain your plan for monitoring and evaluation during the project cycle, activities and what you want to see happen with your community in the future as a result of your project. Please answer the questions:


Monitoring happens when an organization tracks, counts and collects information throughout a project and/or a project activity.

  1. How will you make sure that your project is going well and following the timeline?
  2. How will you monitor your project activities to make sure you are achieving your project goals?
  3. How will you monitor your use of resources during the project?


Evaluation measures if the project met its objectives and to note any outcomes (any changes made) as a result of the project. 

  1. How will you measure your project to see if your goals were achieved as planned?
  2. How will you make sure that Deaf people benefitted from your project?
  3. How will you evaluate your project to see how it changed your community?


Outcomes are results that happen during your project right away (initial or short term results) or after a few months (intermediate), and after your project is finished for long term results.

Think about the kind of results you want to happen during and after your project.

  1. What new behaviors do you want to see?
  2. What new relationships do you want to see?
  3. What new activities do you want to see?
  4. What new actions for change do you want to see?



See Monitoring and Evaluation in the MNI Project Planning manual for more information about how to write your Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

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