Background Information

Background Information

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English Transcript


  1. Write one paragraph about your organization’s background.
    1. What is your mission?
    2. What is your vision?
    3. Who is on your executive committee/board or board of directors?
  2. Do you have any organization policies (disability policy, gender policy, communication policy, etc)?
  3. Add information about your organization’s experience with project work, if any.
  4. Explain about your relationship with the other organizations applying for projects in your region (regional cooperation).



  1. Explain about the situation and reasons why your project is needed to support Deaf people in your country
  2. Discuss how your project will solve problems
  3. Does your organization plan to work with other organizations, government agencies, etc. during the project? If so, please explain how.
  4. Share how you’d like to work with the other projects in your region.


See Background Information in the MNI Project Planning Manual for more details about how to complete background information about your organization and project for this application.


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