Project Requirements

Project Requirements

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Are there any other requirements?

  • Your group is a registered organization or business in your country
  • Individual persons can’t apply for support
  • If you are an organization based in the United States, complete your application with an international organization or business and include a Letter of Cooperation
  • If you are a non-Deaf organization, complete your application with a Deaf organization or business and include a Letter of Cooperation

Regional cooperation

For the 2019-2020 project cycle, two to three (2-3) countries are required to apply for MNI funding through regional cooperation. That means the countries should be next to one another or located in the same region (for example: Southeast Asia, North Africa, etc). We also accept countries that are part of the same Regional Secretariat as determined by the World Federation of the Deaf. MNI encourages Deaf Associations and Organizations in the same region to share ideas and resources for the goal of solving problems in the lives of Deaf people of their country.

There are two options for applying:

  1. If the organizations are applying for different project topics, they can write a Letter of Cooperation explaining how they will work together on their separate projects
  2. If the organizations are applying for the same project topic, they all can use the same Goals & Objectives and Timeline in their project proposal.

Preference will be given to project funding applications from organizations that are working on the same topic and in the same region.

Regional training

If your project is accepted for funding, MNI requires two to three (2-3) members of your project team to participate in a 1-week project training provided by MNI on October 6-12th, 2019.

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