Our Goal

We partner with Deaf Communities internationally to mobilize their capabilities, skills and resources to achieve their human rights through accessible communication and education.

Outreach Activities


Capacity Building

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Project Funding & Support

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Training of Trainers

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Resource Center

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Professional Development

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[Description: A woman faces directly the camera, signing. She is standing in front of a couch and a beige wall. She signs the introduction to funding information.]

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MNI Supports Projects Around the World

MNI trains organizations how to plan, manage and evaluate a project from beginning to end, from the initial request for funding until the final evaluation of their programming. MNI trainers will walk with you through the process using project planning manuals.

Resource Center

Coming Soon

An area where you can find information on different topics such as: Deaf Education, Early Childhood Education, Advocacy, Empowerment, Deaf Conferences, Deaf Culture, How to Work with Deaf People…


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Please help us create an Online Deaf Center you can use with blogs, forums, videos, information and resources on education, advocacy, empowerment, how to work with Deaf people and more. We want to know what information and resources you need so we can add it to our Deaf Center for you to access any time. Let us know through our survey!